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Est. 1975


July 15, 2020

The current pandemic has severely altered and limited the landscape of Performing Arts,  particularly that of live music concerts of every type.

Forty Fifth Season Postponed

2020 ~ 2021


September 7, 2020

The Cathedral Concert Series will suspend 

All live performances through February, 2021. 

In January-February, 2021, a decision will be made 

regarding any concert(s) during Spring (2021).


The rate at which the data changes for - virus surges in communities, science around transmission,

vaccine efficacy -makes it impossible to

plan a horizon beyond several weeks.

Transmission of the virus through singing,

wind instruments, and large numbered gatherings

has had full impact on the arts.


Most Reverend Roger Foys, Bishop of Covington,

has made every effort to keep the Diocese -

its parish churches and staffs, schools,

and religious communities - all safe from the

wide-ranging and serious health threats

posed by the current

Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic.


Only Holy Masses and appropriate

liturgies are permitted during the pandemic -

with attendance limits. No gatherings outside

of those mentioned have occurred

since mid-March, 2020.

This protocol will remain in place until

public health is considered safe to allow

the concert series to return to some

form of normal and live function.


The principal directive of the

Cathedral Concert Series

as noted in the mission statement,

is to present Sacred Choral

and Pipe Organ programs

“in a suitable environment”. 


From its inception, a consistent and core facet

of the Series has been presenting live  concerts.

For very obvious reasons of

sound, sight and experience, a substitute of 

“virtual” concerts is not a viable option.


There is no substitute for attending a

concert in the Basilica.



Please visit this page for

further information

as it becomes available.

Visit the 

Archive Pages

to view photo history and

listen to recordings.

That area will be updated and expanded

over the course of  Winter 2020-2021.

Thank you so much for your incredible support of the

 concert series over the course of 45 Years!

Your kind generosity has sustained the tradition.